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Deck Clouds 2.  July 2015
Deck Clouds. July 2015
Spacewalk, A Reflection  (Jamils Artwork in situ) 2015
Tempe AZ
Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn
Rollin Thunder JCNJ
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Sundown Phoenix
Hens n Chicks Sprout
Bridge Dusting. 2014
Brooklyn Bridge Morning Drive
Brooklyn Bridge
Deck Night Lights
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Jamaica Mon teegobay
Still Waters
Exchange Place Trudge
Harvey Cedars
Virginia Fence
Dark Else, Light Waters
Relentless Sea
Phoenix LBI
Sandy Repair LBI
Deck Nights
Bob Ross Dream
Abu Dahbi Jobsite
Abu Dahbi Afternoon Prayer
Private Tour, SF
Scottsdale AZ New Years 2009
rusty colorado
Ageless Colorado
Midway to Breckenridge
ATP Fog Upstate NY
Nags Head
Nags Head Colors
Crack in the Sky
Tearing Shards
Seagull Burst
Twin Towers
LBI Boatyard
4th of July LBI 2003
Whos Got the Upper Hand
Bronson Crabs
Costa Rica MiniScape 1
Costa Rica MiniScape 2
Montezuma Cafe, Costa Rica
Ol Ruth
Quilted Sea
Tico Fog
Moon...or Earth
Brett S. Wilson
JC waterfront
Boat Sculpt
AZ Sunset
Liberty State Park
No Country...
111 1st home
Industrial Reminders
Respirator Please.
Army Terminal Kings County
Towards The Light
Eras Removed
Forever Lasting
Detail of Sanded Foam (accidental sculpture 1)
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